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Hey!! I'm El :) 

If you've found yourself here, it's probably because you want to find out a little about me, who I am and what I like, so here are a few "fun facts" about me!


1. I used to travel the country photographing births, and spent a lot of time in the NT shooting-  I'm also studying to become an IBCLC, and would like to go into midwifery or doula work one day. I am also a HUGE supporter of home births.

2.I have a HUGEEEEE soft spot for animals, and not just the ones you'd think!! Growing up, we had everything from cats and dogs, to mice and ferrets! We have plenty of pet chickens running around the yard! You will likely see them if attending the studio.


3. I'm actually mildly colourblind!! Don't worry- I've taught myself how to edit just right so it doesn't show :) This make me part of the less than 1% of colourblind women in the world

4. I have a borderline phobia of having my photo taken!! Almost every photo there is of me, I took myself (Including that one! <---) It's so bad, that I actually quit a job rather than have headshots taken, and I ALWAYS look super serious in photos.

That one ---> was taken when I was pregnantby the very lovely Emma Thomas

5. I have 11 tattoos, ranging from  1.5 inch pieces on my hands, to a partial sleeve jellyfish that takes up most of my left upper arm. They're almost all custom, and include my daughter's name, Nivens McTwisp from Alice in Wonderland and a memorial. Nivens is the only one with any colour.


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