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Bereavement Photography

Elisha-Marree Photography offers many types of bereavement photography- many of these services are donated to those who are in need of them.


Stillbirth, infant loss and child loss: from 22 weeks gestation to 16 years

- Services provided through Heartfelt, completed in hospital or home. Heartfelt accepts sessions from

22 weeks gestation, to 16 years of age. Heartfelt sessions can not include neonatal immersion photography,

and can not be offered to parents who's baby is born at less than 22 weeks gestation.

Stillbirth and infant loss: prior to birth

- Birth photography is available free of charge to any family with a confirmed fetal death in utero

- Services are also available, free of charge, for families with babies born prior to 22 weeks. Neonatal immersion

photography is available.


- Free services available for parents who's babies require an extended stay in the NICU


Funerals, services and memorials:

- Discounted services available for all funerals, services and memorials.


End of life sessions: over 16 years

- Discounted services are available to people and families who have a terminal illness with a short life expectancy.


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