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Birth Photography + Pricing

Birth photography packages include the following:

     ~ Your photographer on call for 6 weeks around your due date

     ~ Photography of your labour, birth and baby in the hour or so after birth

     ~ All editing of images

     ~ Beautifully edited images of your babies birth

Birth pricing starts at $650
**Please be aware that if you are birthing in a hospital or birth centre, you will need approval from your hospitals, doctors, midwives etc. We support ALL births, including homebirth, freebirth, hospital births and C-sections, however you will require special approval from your hospital to have a C-section photographed

** We will always do our best to be at the birth of your baby, however birth can be unpredictable- if we miss any part of your babies birth, you will receive a partial refund

**Please note, most birth images in my portfolio are shot WITH flash. If you elect to not have flash at your birth, your images will not look like this portfolio.

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