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 Lifestyle Sessions + Pricing

Newborn lifestyle sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture the simple things. Your new baby,  home, adjustments, and bonding. These sessions are completely unposed and are all about loving on your newest addition. We will come to your home and set up a light or to, and then photograph while you savour everything that is new baby life. 

Newborn photos are best taken between 4 days, and 20 days of age. When booking your newborn session, it's best to contact us as early as possible to ensure we can fit you in. All our sessions are custom tailored to clients wants and needs, and we can only take on a small amount of sessions each month. Try to reach out around 24 weeks, and we can put your due date in our calendar. When your baby has arrived, you can contact us to finalise the time and date for your session. If you are later in your pregnancy, or your baby has been born, please still reach out, as we occasionally have last minute spaces available.

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